Celebrating National Roundabout Week: Navigating Safety and Efficiency with Roundabouts

In celebration of National Roundabout Week, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the numerous advantages that these circular intersections bring to our roadways. One of the most significant benefits they offer is improved safety. Unlike traditional intersections controlled by traffic lights or stop signs, roundabouts reduce the risk of high-speed, high-impact collisions. By forcing vehicles to slow down and navigate a circular path, they promote a more controlled and orderly flow of traffic. Drivers are naturally inclined to slow down when approaching a roundabout, contributing to reduced accident severity, and creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Beyond safety, roundabouts have other advantages that make them a good choice for traffic management: keeping traffic moving steadily and reducing the congestion on the road. By eliminating the need for vehicles to come to a complete stop (as is the case at stop signs or red lights), roundabouts minimize the start-and-stop patterns that can trigger traffic jams. This not only results in a smoother and more efficient traffic flow but also reduces the frustration and stress that often awaits at intersections.

Learn more about roundabouts by visiting: https://bit.ly/3rq2sXo

In conclusion, during National Roundabout Week, it’s important to recognize that these circular intersections offer positive advantages. They help maintain a steady traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve operational performance. Let’s take a moment to appreciate these circular intersections that are making our roads safer, smoother, and more sustainable.

Our Projects

Learn about two of our most recent roundabout projects below.


This project involves intersection improvements to the Oak Ridge Road (NC 150) and NC 68 intersection. Improvements include access management and safety enhancements from Fogleman Road to Oak Ridge Road (NC 150). The proposed project is in the Town of Oak Ridge within Guilford County. Alternatives prepared for public comment include conventional intersection improvements and conversion of the intersection to a roundabout.


This project will provide a grade separation extending Fairview Road over I-77 and connecting to Alcove Road. It will help alleviate some of the congestion issues that currently exist at the Williamson Road Interchange along I-77. Due to the percentage of trucks in the area, this proposed grade separation will improve the functionality of the neighboring network roadways. It is also anticipated that Alcove Road will be widened to accommodate a four-lane section.