Urban Design

What We Do

Stewart’s Landscape Architects and Urban Designers understand that the public realm is more than a collection of spaces. A thriving ecosystem exists at the intersection of community, context, history, economics, culture, environment and design. Public spaces must contribute to and inform the development of the urban fabric while serving the needs of the community. To offer a variety of activities, we must actively program them and beautifully design and construct spaces that stand the test of time. We work with our partners to create vibrant spaces that optimally blend social, economic, health and environmental outcomes.

Urban Design Services

  • Placemaking
  • Urban Design and Infill
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Streetscape Design
  • Site Activation
  • Amenity Design
  • Illustrative Graphics & Renderings
  • Permitting

Featured Urban Design Projects

Seaboard Station

Midtown East Retail Development

Downtown South Gateway District

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