Our Differentiator


Trust means being comfortable sharing ideas, disagreeing respectfully, being authentic at work


Humility is giving credit where credit is due, knowing you can learn from everyone, not being afraid to say you don’t know


Respect is truly listening to others, being aware of another person’s time, being open to the exchange of ideas


Excellence is trying to be better at something than you were yesterday, checking behind yourself one more time, accepting constructive criticism


Accountability means owning your mistakes, doing what you say you’re going to do, being consistent so others can count on you


Discipline is doing things the right way, even if it’s not the easy way

Many companies across many sectors offer professional services. What distinguishes one company from another?

It goes back to human nature — we want to work with people we trust and respect. People who trust and respect us. We want to work with people who produce excellent outcomes with humility. We want to work with people whose discipline translates into accountability. We want to work with people who understand that their purpose is bigger than a deliverable. We want to work with people who are curious and feel empowered to innovate.

This is Stewart. This is THREAD.

We have declared and embraced a culture where trust, humility, and respect guide how we treat each other, our clients, and our partners; excellence, accountability, and discipline guide how we approach the work that has been entrusted to us.

THREAD is more than just our shared core values. It’s how we work every day with our clients, our project partners, and each other.

It’s a belief system that reminds us how to be excellent in our work and in our interactions with other people. It helps us calibrate our actions to ensure a workplace in which everyone can thrive and inspires us to be the kind of partner our clients will seek to work with again and again.

Could I have been more THREAD-like in that conversation? What is the THREAD-like way to address this concern?

The six THREAD values are intertwined in the daily work we complete and are a constant representation of how our culture has developed into our differentiator.

THREAD to me means someone physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally giving their best ability and putting their best effort to lay out what is expected from them like no one else is watching.

Ceren, Operations

THREAD is our guiding principle on how we treat each other and our clients. This is who we want to be and how we want to conduct business.

Lance, Structural Engineering

It provides guiding principles to define the level of service Stewart strives to deliver, and shows our clients what we value in our work.

Craig, Structural Engineering

The THREAD values show how people at Stewart are committed to doing and being their best for the client, the community, and each other.

Becky, Marketing

To me, THREAD gives each of us a baseline common-ground tied deeply to our work as professionals but which transcends the different disciplines and skillsets we all bring. It helps to acknowledge that despite your level of experience or the type of “work” you do, there are key values we all share that we can each achieve and recognize in each other. Keeping THREAD values as a foundation flows into all of the work we do, and makes it better.

Kaitlyn, Landscape Architecture

Let’s work together

THREAD is a goal, a reminder, and a measuring stick all in one.
Work with us to see our THREAD values in action.