Henderson County Comprehensive Plan

Market: Civic

Service: Community Planning

The 2045 Henderson County Comprehensive Plan is a tool used for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of the county. The plan serves as the official statement by Henderson County of its vision, intentions, goals, objectives, and strategies for future land use, economic development, environmental preservation, housing, parks and recreation, and more. The Plan updates the County’s future land use map and addresses new issues and priorities. It also addresses several topics including balancing housing growth and preservation of agriculture, planning strategically for infrastructure and economic development, and protecting key natural resources.

Stewart provided project management, public involvement, land use, natural resources, and infrastructure planning. Henderson County is experiencing significant growth pressure from retirees, second home buyers and residents looking to locate near local jobs and in proximity to Asheville. Accommodating this growth while preserving land for economic development and agriculture is one of the central challenges of the next decade for the county. The 2045 Comprehensive Plan outlines strategies to balance growth through intentional land use policies and targeted code updates. It also lays the groundwork for strategic grey and green infrastructure systems that will support current and future county residents and businesses.


Henderson County Planning Department

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