Lillington Downtown Master Plan

Stewart was hired by the Town of Lillington to develop a Downtown Master Plan that analyzed and provided recommendations for land use, public realm improvements, and potential redevelopment and economic development opportunities in the downtown area. Using feedback from the community, the plan focuses on how streets and a few key sites can unlock potential for an entire downtown. The Plan enhances the historic area using streetscape, open space plans, and design that promotes safety, activity, and economic vitality for residents, business owners and visitors.

Stewart led a team of planners and landscape architects to develop a highly graphic plan that visualized redevelopment and key public realm improvement projects.

Traffic and the lack of pedestrian friendliness were major challenges while developing this plan. Our team was able to develop several strategies that included an alternate route (away from downtown) for tractor-trailers, street scape and on-street parking improvements to slow traffic and other pedestrian amenities such as parklets, outdoor dining and alleyway reuse.

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