MEDIC 911 Emergency Medical Services Headquarters

The MEDIC 911 headquarters facility is considered by the NC State Building Code to be an essential facility that must remain operational in the event of a catastrophe such as an earthquake. The project included extensive renovations to the existing Ford Building on Wilkinson Boulevard, and three new buildings constructed on the site, which support 600 employees and a fleet of trucks, equipment and medical supplies. A new two-story building was constructed adjacent to the existing building and is home to other critical portions of the MEDIC 911 services, including human resources, training, and administrative offices and staff. The project also includes a vehicle maintenance building and separate wash building for EMS trucks, and a simulation center with two sound stages used to create training scenarios. The project included 180,000 square feet of new construction and renovations.

Structural engineering included four different foundation systems — spread footings, aggregate piers, helical piers and micropiles — all in one building. Multiple foundation systems were used due to unique conditions for the building. Aggregate piers and micropiles were used in some areas due to poor existing soil conditions. Shallow foundations were used in the new and existing building where soils conditions were acceptable. Helical piers were used at the renovation areas of existing construction with poor soil conditions.

The biggest challenge on this project was bringing the former 1950’s-era Ford parts warehouse up to current building standards as an essential facility. A new lateral system was added in the existing building. Vertical bracing was used as the new lateral system. Some existing members had to be strengthened due to new load demands. New members were added in areas where existing framing could not be reinforced. During construction many unique field conditions were discovered and had to be addressed on the spot.


Mecklenburg County


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