Resilient Coastal Communities Program

Market: Civic

Service: Community Planning

The Resilient Coastal Communities Program is a novel technical and financial assistance program designed to assist coastal resilience efforts throughout the state’s 20 coastal counties.

Stewart was competitively chosen to lead this inaugural state program related to identifying and mitigating coastal hazard vulnerability in the Town of Beaufort. Along with partners at CPE and the Town, this effort involved creating a community-driven prioritization of potential local projects to reduce exposure. The results of this planning effort will be used to pursue design interventions to reduce vulnerability of public and community assets to storm surge, high tide flooding, sea level rise, and the stronger storms that are predicted in the future.

This project involved bringing the best available predictive data of future climatic conditions and distilling that information down to estimate the most likely local impacts over the next 50 years. This highly technical data was then summarized for communication to the community to help them better understand the Town’s exposure.


NC Division of Coastal Management

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