Social Security Administration Building

Market: Civic

Service: Structural Engineering

The Social Security Administration Building, located in the Research Triangle Park, consists of a new three-story 103,670-square-foot data center. This building site was strategically selected for anti-terrorism measures. The design for this federal building was based on the requirements of GSA Progressive Collapse and Blast Protection Analysis and Guidelines for New Federal Office Buildings. Stewart worked in conjunction with Hinman, the project’s anti-terrorist consultant, in an interactive design process to ensure the structure met the GSA criteria.

The superstructure consists of conventional composite steel construction. The foundation system consists of reinforced 30-foot tall concrete basement walls and spread footings. Moment systems make up the lateral system, which also serves to resist progressive collapse.

The systems for this critical data center were complex and included triple redundancy design, full generator backup, raised computer floor systems, and complex telecommunication and data systems. Stewart coordinated with Hinman and provided structural engineering design support for these redundant systems.

Early submittal of the steel and foundation packages presented a challenge for the project. However, previous experience on this type of delivery method prepared the team to deliver these packages with no difficulty.




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